How future-proof and empowered is your team?

Agility, digitalization and the pandemic have drastically shifted team dynamics. The future of work is here and it's hybrid. Some teams are thriving while others are drowning. We've identified what sets successful teams apart from the others. Curious to know how your team is doing?

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“What a valuable assessment! It gave me so much insights on our team's performance and action points to improve. ”
Paul Van Roy

Find out how your team performs in fast, uncertain & digital times.

Team work has become more complex, especially since the pandemic. Empowerment has become a crucial element if you want agility, engagement, impact, motivation and a great work-life balance. But empowerment isn't simply about team members taking more responsibility. There are 4 big success criteria that will improve your team's performance.

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With this short assessment, you'll find out how your team scores overall, what your psycho-social risk is (risk of burning out), how impactful you are and how you perform on the 4 success criteria.

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What's included?

Your team's performance results, your team's strengths and weaknesses, personalized tips and strategies to improve your team's performance.
Your team's performance score

How empowered is your team? What is the impact on your results, workload, stress, agility and team's atmosphere?

Your strengths & weaknesses

Find out how your team scores on the 4 success criteria (Clarity, Autonomy, Fearless team & authentic leader)

Your psycho-social risk factor

Sometimes, the way your team is organized and the complexity of your job can increase your risk of burning out. We call this organizational stress.

Personalized tips & strategies

You'll receive personalized tips and strategies in function of your results that will allow you to improve your team's performance rapidly.

Who am I?

I'm Murielle Machiels

I teach leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs the leadership habits and business techniques for achieving success and peace of mind in digital times. I used to be the CEO of a media company that I transformed with success by leading with my heart and my head. Today, I'm an academic Director at Solvay Brussels School.

Meet my team

They trust us

COO LolaLiza


By applying some of the habits, we already saw achievements with the team around empowerment. The course also taught me that to make a successful digital transformation, it is not about convincing people but about changing the habits of everyone.

eMBA Solvay Brussels School's participant


It was kind of a trigger for me to start doing changes because I was quite self-aware also before and I knew what I should work on but now I finally started so thank you for that!

Head of Business unit ADE


I am more aware and have more confidence. The course helped me to feel better and to remain motivated in my job. It made my colleagues curious, gave them energy and hope that things could change. I believe that if everyone would follow this course, the world would change.

HR Director Nestlé


This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes. Although it is online, you feel connected with the other learners. Also, I feel more balanced since following it. Take the opportunity to be surprised !”

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about Qileader
"We need to become more human! When everything will be automated, the human touch will become scarce, hence more valuable."
Murielle Machiels
CEO of Qileader & Academic Director at Solvay Brussels Scholl

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